Lincoln Apartments Laundry Guide

Lincoln Apartments uses 3 Maytag High Efficiency (HE) washing machines and 2 Maytag dryers.  The HE washing machines helps save our renters money by using less laundry detergent.

A laundry cupboard for each unit is provided which you can store your laundry soap, fabric softeners, etc.

Tips & FAQ on Laundry Issues

  • Be sure to keep the washing machine door slightly ajar after each use so that the machine
  • After you wash a load of clothes, make sure that you keep the door open to allow the moisture to properly evaporate from the washing drum. You need to let the moisture evaporate from the drum so that any odors do not start to occur with the machine.
  • Prior to operating the dryer, be sure to clean the lint screen.
  • Please remove clothing promptly from the washer and dryers so that others may use the machines.
  • Use the Right Detergent:

It is important that you use a laundry detergent that has the ‘HE’ symbol on the front label.  The laundry detergent should have a symbol on it that looks like the one on the left.  This concentrated detergent is specifically made for these machines. They create less of a lather, which makes it easier for your machine to wash it out when it’s supposed to. This is one of the most common problems you will encounter when using a High-Efficiency washer.

Q.  Why should I use only HE detergents in Lincoln’s HE washer?

A.  HE washers are designed to save water and energy resources. To achieve these savings, HE washers are designed differently than traditional washers — for example, they use less water than traditional washers.

At lower water levels, cleaning problems can occur if detergents create too many suds or if soils from the laundry can’t be completely rinsed out of both the laundry and the washer. Thus, detergents for HE washers need to be lower sudsing than regular detergents to provide good cleaning and thorough rinsing.

Detergent and washing machine manufacturers formulate and design their HE detergents and washers to work together as one effective cleaning system that gives you optimum cleaning performance while saving water and energy resources.

Q. What can happen if I don’t use an HE detergent in my HE washer?

A. Using a regular detergent in an HE washer can create too many suds. These suds can interfere with the washer’s washing/tumbling action by “cushioning” the laundry, thus reducing soil and stain removal performance and rinsing efficiency. These suds can also cause water and/or suds to overflow from the machine.

Excess suds can also cause the washer’s pump to overheat or to add more water — this in turn can lengthen the wash cycle, thus reducing water/energy savings.

These excess suds can also lead to residue buildup since they are not as easily rinsed away — and over time, they could lead to unpleasant odors, potential machine malfunctions or damage.

Q. If suds are the problem, can I just use a smaller amount of regular laundry detergent?

A. No. Using a lesser amount of regular detergent will not alleviate the sudsing problem — and in addition, could compromise cleaning performance.

That’s why HE detergents are recommended. They have a totally different formulation in order to clean your laundry effectively in low-water conditions.


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