Approved Picture Hangers

Approved Picture frame hangers.

Approved Picture Hangers

We strongly recommend Floreat picture frame hangers to secure something to the walls as they will not damage them and the hole they put in the wall is very small yet can hold up to 10lbs.  This is the only type of hanger we approve of for use in sheet-rock walls and can be found on Amazon or DickBlick’s.

We do not recommend 3M Command strips or any similar adhesive-based products, as the adhesive they use will damage the walls by tearing off the sheetrock paper.

No screws, nails, holes, fasteners, bolts, etc. should be used on any of the woodwork, casings, doors, bi fold doors, cupboards, wood paneling, or ceilings.  Nothing should be fastened to the ceilings or building’s exterior.

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